Construction Manager Jobs
Position Title = Director of Technical Services
Education Required = BS Engineering
Years Experience Required = 15+ years in construction
Position Description = The overall management of all construction activities, both in the project office and at site. To provide
in a safe manner, a cost effective and timely execution of the construction scope of work to the required quality.  Join the
project during front end engineering and ensure the appropriate in put is made early on with due regard to the overall
onsite construction activities.  These to include Constructability Input, Subcontract Review, Safety, Temporary Facilities,
Construction Project Execution Strategy, Heavy Lift Review, Material Management Strategy, Ensure all required AFC
information meets milestones and is delivered to site when required, ensure smooth interface of project., site related
activities take place, ensure all mobilizations of Temporary Facilities/Staff/Direct Labor and Subcontractors meets programme,
maintain a close liaison and working relationship with the construction subcontractors and the Client personnel, ensure the
satisfactory performance for the construction works, in respect of safety, quality, schedule and cost, ensure that proper
communications systems are established and maintained between construction site and project offices. Facilitate
communication between contractors and Project Engineering on technical matters; developing heavy lift plans, crane
selection, develop lift plans; maintain the document control center for the Site. Also coordinates document control and
document distribution at the site to assure all the documents being used at the Project are the latest documents inclusive of
all design changes, and that all subcontractors and Project staff have distribution of the Project documents; Coordinate the
System Turnover And Reporting (STAR) process; Review and interpret project specifications and drawings; Prepare Requests
for Information (RFI) and Field Work Orders (FWO) and implement engineering dispositions Identify field changes, propose
design engineering changes, and coordinating with and obtaining approval of Design Engineering regarding resolution of all
engineering design issues.
Requirements = Prefer PE license; good knowledge of cranes, rigging; contract engineering proposal support; good
computer skills, working knowledge of AutoCAD or MicroStation, Microsoft Office suite software, good oral and written
communication skill. Mix of both home office and field experience.
Job Conditions = Environment: Job may involves field assignment for extended duration, outside field environment, frequent
walking & climbing, traveling, no lift over 40 Ibs.
Job Location = Houston, Texas
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Position Title = Construction Project Manager
Experience Required = 10 years of construction management experience, including five years in construction and project
related experience, including management of staff during the pre-construction and construction phases.
Education = Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management, Engineering, Architecture or related field; or demonstrated
equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.
Demonstrated experience in heavy industrial construction, especially construction experience within operating plants.
Turnaround experience in refineries and chemical plants required.
Position Description =
  • Leads the construction management department and manages the construction services business line in a manner
    that accomplishes short-term profitability goals and long-term growth and stability goals.
  • Provides the technical and administrative support to construction Team Leaders and Project Managers to help them
    achieve their financial responsibilities.
  • Assumes management responsibility for the successful execution of all projects performed by the construction
    management team.
  • Identifies technical resource requirements for all projects performed by the team.
  • Adjusts workloads and schedules to balance project requirements with available resources.
  • Participates in the identification and recruitment of team members.
  • Is responsible for employee annual reviews, time collection per company policies.
  • Directly manages larger projects performed by the team.
  • Acts as supervisor on smaller projects, while providing mentoring and training in project management
  • Has overall responsibility and authority for management, performance review and career growth, and disciplinary
    actions for personnel assigned to the construction services staff.
  • Consults with the office manager on compensation for staff assigned, including issues such as retention, bonuses, etc.
  • Reports to the Office Manager & communicates directly with the Regional Manager & Regional Controller as necessary.
  • Is responsible for development and implementation of Construction Management procedures.
  • Is responsible for constructability reviews of each project.
  • Prepares and issues construction management cost proposals.
  • Is responsible for process improvements for all disciplines assigned to projects including post project closure and
    lessons learned to assure consistent improvement of construction services.
Preferred Skills = it is preferred that the candidate have CM experience in an industrial environment, specifically in a
chemical manufacturing plant, but refinery, power, pulp and paper, etc.  will be considered.
Location = Lake Charles, LA
Position Title = Director of Construction Services (transportation)
Status = Full-time, salaried with benefits.
Experience Required = 20+ years experience in Heavy Highway Construction. TxDOT Experience is preferred.  
Position Description = Responsible for all operations and ensures continuity of construction project functions using
reasonable and prudent judgment in areas such as personnel, decision making, etc.
  • Interviewing and hiring activities are completed in accordance with the company policy.
  • Ensure that Project Managers and Inspectors are trained to efficiently perform the required duties expected of them.
  • Safety Practices: Ensures that all project personnel follows safety rules and demonstrates safe work practices.
  • All construction projects are monitored to ensure contractors meet the standards outlined in the plans and
    specifications for the duration of assigned projects.
  • Reviews plans and specifications on assigned construction projects and reports discrepancies to supervisors.
  • Oversees construction schedules and job progress on construction projects;
  • All projects are constructed within reasonable conformance to plans and specifications.
  • Oversees construction traffic control coordination for all Projects; periodically reviews traffic control devices on projects
    with Project Managers and Lead Inspectors.
  • Acts as consultant to other staff engineers regarding construction operations as they relate to administration,
    programming, planning, design, right of way and maintenance in order to coordinate district operations.
  • Complaints and concerns are addressed in a courteous manner with one day or notification.
  • Responsible for resolution of contractor claims and construction disputes on current projects.
  • Responsible for the pavement management program including development of short- and long-term goals for
    pavements and direction of planning activities and resources required to meet these goals.
Location = Houston, TX area