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Position Title = Estimator - Blast Resistant and Offshore Buildings
Status = Full-time, permanent with benefits.
Education = Bachelors degree in Architecture or Engineering preferred
Experience Required = Must have 3-5 years of relevant experience as estimator with steel or modular construction in
industrial environment; Electrical estimating background a plus
Job Description = Immediate opening for experienced individual in building estimation.  Experience with industrial and
offshore modular construction highly desirable.  
Must show strong working knowledge of:
  • Preparing price estimates on new projects and estimates on change orders for existing contracts on modular
    construction or like product.
  • Architectural and AutoCAD experience a plus
  • Proven ability to read and understand various types of construction/mechanical drawings
  • Design and review proposal specifications, drawings and applicable codes determining the scope of work and required
    contents of estimate
  • Maintain electronic and hardcopy files of working documents as back up for estimates
  • Ability to communicate with sales team, clients, vendors and management on project status, costs and design changes
Location = Houston, TX
Job Title = Estimating Engineer
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits (non-exempt)
Education Required = BSME. Must keep current on certifications and education.
Experience Required = 7 - 10 years’ experience required with estimating gas compression/ generator packages and other
technical equipment, specification of parameters for torsional and pulsation studies for large units.
Position Description = The overall objective of this position is to estimate the cost/sell price for customers purchasing engines
and/or generators.  Procure work at a profit.
Key Responsibilities
  • Read specifications and drawings, determining what equipment to quote the client for.
  • Decide what devices, components and equipments and quantities of same are required to complete the estimate.
  • Determine additional equipment needed to ensure safe operation and accurate quotes (i.e. engine safety shutdowns,
    batteries, exhaust silencers).
  • Decide what suppliers to go to, to obtain pricing and availability of devices, components and equipment.
  • Determine the labor hours required to fabricate, assemble, wire, test and prepare for shipment, each piece of
  • Prepare and send client proposals completed with a technical proposal, clarifications, and pricing and delivery.
Requirements and Qualifications
  • Advanced knowledge of mechanical systems, gas compression packages and electrical systems and associated
  • Must understand application of fabrication  techniques.  
  • Familiar with engineering calculations  to determine various ratings of equipment.  
  • Familiar with  industry standards.  Has the ability to develop a broader understanding of codes and standards.  
  • Advanced knowledge of AutoCad, Cadworx, Excel, AS400, Word and Adobe required.  
  • Field experience required.  
Location = Lafayette, LA area
Position Title = Electrical Estimator
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Experience Required =.3+ years of experience estimating electrical projects for an electrical contractor.
Education Required = Bachelor's degree preferred or equivalent
Position Description = Electrical Contractor specializing in telecom, Network Systems, Security Control Systems, Industrial
Automation, Audio/Visual and Electrical is looking for an Estimator for their Electrical Division.  The Electrical Estimator
should have a background in executing, controlling and managing costs related to electrical projects.
Responsible for the study, evaluation and understanding of project plans, designs and specifications.  Identifies project
resources required for the project based on the scope of work.  Generates estimates for the cost of labor, material,
equipment and subcontractors; where appropriate, delegates to purchasing agents.  Obtains multiple bids from vendors
and subcontractors; negotiates price.  Develops project schedule.  Works with project assistant to respond to Requests
for Proposals ("RFP") or to compose bids and deliver to clients.  Works with internal team and potential client to create the
most competitive project proposal or bid.  Delivers updated project documents to Project Manager and assists with
estimates as assigned during project life.
  • Estimates for multiple, routine projects and/or small revenue projects as assigned
  • Determines project scope and specifications and composes a proposal or bid:
  • Works with project assistant to acquire project plan specifications
  • Reviews proposal specifications, drawings, attends pre-bid meetings to determine scope of work and required
    contacts of estimate
  • Prepares estimates by calculating complete takeoff of scope of work.  Reviews and incorporates historical data from
    purchase orders, subcontracts, productivity analysis reports to generate unit and man-hour figures
  • Coordinates (with Purchasing Agents) total estimating effort relevant to particular bid / project
  • Organizes project calendar
  • Delivers full project documentation to Project Manager upon project or bid approval
  • May actively seek project opportunities for division
  • Executes all or a majority of the tasks comprising semi-routine projects / processes / workflows
  • Decisions and actions occasionally have a modest influence on the work of other team members
  • Reviews many factors and uses judgment within defined practices and procedures to determine actions
  • Estimates routine and/or small revenue projects on a reasonable schedule
  • May receive assistance to complete routine projects assigned
  • Potential errors include:
  • Inability to assess project scope or identify resources
  • Inability to anticipate issues with project plans, resources or schedule
  • Poor estimation
  • Failure to meet proposal deadline and/or requirements
  • Errors can may result in modest:
  • Cost overruns
  • Project delays
  • Construction projects and company brand
  • Root causes of errors are easily detected
  • Regularly interacts with clients, contractors, Purchasing Agents and Project Managers
  • Receives and transmits semi-routine information requiring some explanation or interpretation
  • Work is assigned by lead or management.  Follows established procedures to complete assignments
  • Work is subject to close supervisory oversight at frequent intervals and review by senior members of the staff or
  • Escalates semi-complex issues or requests to senior members of the team for resolution
  • Provides support to less experienced personnel
  • Demonstrates proficiency in several areas of the professional function
  • Has advanced basic knowledge of / skills in the content areas of:
  • Methods, techniques and practices of cost estimating in a construction-based industry
  • Sources of information for labor, materials and equipment costs
  • Electrical, Security / AV / Network, Traffic and/or Telecom project components
  • Written and verbal communication skills, including negotiation skills
  • Relationship building
  • Proposal writing
  • Typically has a minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience in project estimation in construction industry
Location = Novato, CA