Architect Project Manager - Houston, TX
This page contains Job Description for Architect Manager in Houston, Texas
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Position Title = Architect Project Manager
Years Experience Required = Preferably a recent graduate, or less than 5 years of experience.
Education = B.A. in Architecture AND Current registration as a Texas Architect
Position Description =
The Architect Project Manager will be expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:
  • Consult with clients to determine Life Safety Requirements (NFPA) for facility construction, and design and structure
    needed specifications.
  • Estimate and issue proposals to prospective and existing clients.
  • Allocate and approximate materials and labor effectively and efficiently while tracking job costs per each transaction.
  • Supervise subcontractors and employees, ensuring that all responsibilities are being completed as required and that
    labor expenses remain within budget demands during each phase of construction.
  • Review and write plan reviews and ensure plans’ compliance with the Life Safety Code and any state or local
  • Maintain an understanding of fire safety equipment, including fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire dampers, smoke
    dampers, fire barriers and smoke barriers, as it relates to the individual project and construction type.
  • Provide formal, technical reports to each client as requested, presenting the client with any relevant information
    regarding the job and its progress, and proposing suitable recommendations.
  • Participate in Life Safety Surveys in new and existing facilities, ensuring that the facilities meet all Life Safety
    Regulatory Standards.
The hired architect must be motivated to learn NFPA 101 The Life Safety Code, and other associated NFPA Codes relating to
Healthcare Occupancies, as well as regulatory state and governmental standards.
The Architect will be required to work as a Life Safety Consultant, as needed, and will be required to perform on-site Life
Safety surveys and inspections, in both new and existing occupancies. As an acting Life Safety Code Consultant, the
Architect must also review floor plans and ensure its compliance with the Life Safety Code and applicable Texas State
Licensing Standards. The individual must be able to test and operate fire safety equipment, as it relates to the scope of
work. Providing and issuing reports of pertinent findings applicable to the Life Safety Code and providing timely accurate and
precise recommendations will be a cardinal responsibility for this position.
This position will require the individual to climb ladders, and inspect attics or other confined spaces, for several hours, daily,
as needed.
Overnight travel, at times, may be required up to 25%.
Location = Houston, TX