Business Development Manager - Jacksonville, FL
This page contains Job Description for Business Development Manager in Jacksonville, Florida
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Position Title = Business Development Manager
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = Bachelor's degree preferred.
Experience Required =
  • 5+ years of experience in Business Development or Sales involving Utility distribution & Transmission line hardware or
  • Experience in the Transmission & Distribution industry is a big plus.
Position Description = Company is a fast growing, wholesale Distributor of Utility and Pole line hardware.  Their products
constitute low voltage Pole line Hardware, Insulators and Ground Rods. Products manufactured are  UL and RUS approved.
The market for their products include: Investor Owned, Municipal, Cooperative Utilities, and Distributors,  located throughout
the United States.
The candidate should be able to provide evidence of accomplishments.
  • Over 5 Years of experience in Business Development/ Sales in the similar capacity of  Utility distribution & Transmission
    line hardware company.
  • Develops and maintains business relationships with National Utility Distribution firms. Strategically plans customer
    visits to cultivate relationships, perform presentations, offer innovative programs and communicate plans.
  • Researches, develops and acquires large account opportunities. Effectively communicates competitive strengths and
    develops strategy to acquire competitive business.
  • Develops and executes profitable business plans for managing existing and newly acquired accounts and implements
    those plans effectively.
  • Negotiates national agreements and rebate programs consistent with management goals.
  • Development of the New products in Transmission & Distributions
  • Teams with individuals within sales, and other key personnel to communicate account plans, pricing, and offer
    assistance to drive sales.
  • Moderate to extensive Travel
  • Experience in the Transmission & Distribution industry is a big plus!
Location = Jacksonville, FL