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JD840000002 - To apply, see below

Job Title
= CAD Operator III / Drafter

Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits

Education Required = CAD technical diploma or Bachelor Degree in Architecture or Civil Engineering

Mandatory_Qualifications = * United States citizenship required.
* CAD technical diploma and 10 years of experience in drafting, detailing or graphics using CAD; or Bachelor Degree in
Architecture or Civil Engineering with 7 to 10 years of experience in architecture and civil construction documents Other =
This position is subject to a background check. It is a full time position with benefits package including medical, dental, vision,
vacation, federal holidays and 401K.

Position Description = The qualified candidate will work on preparing complete sets of complex CAD drawings including
multiple views, detail drawings, and assembly drawings; from sketches, computer models and verbal information supplied by
an architect, engineer or designer.

Location = Miami, FL

To Apply (this job only), please Contact Carmen Ramos at FSA, Inc.
(813) 749-8610
CAD Operator III / Drafter - Miami, FL