Chief Operations Officer - Richmond, VA - DC Corridor
This page contains Job Description for Chief Operations Officer in the Richmond, Virginia - DC Corridor
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Position Title = Chief Operations Officer
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = Bachelor's Degree required.  Preferably in business administration, supply chain management,
operations analysis or transportation management.  MBA preferred.
Experience Required =
  • 6+ years of experience in Operations Management in a manufacturing plant environment.
  • Experience with operations management programs such as six sigma, ISO, 5S, lean manufacturing or similar
  • Position Description = The COO is responsible for the daily operation of the manufacturing company.  A management
    position responsible for developing, overseeing and executing the short-term and long-term plans of the company's
    operations.  Includes managing and overseeing employees, budgets, products, storage and freight programs, key
    business partners and suppliers, and other company assets.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Financial Competence & Business Acumen - Must be able to understand financial performances as they relate to operations
in a manufacturing environment. Must be able to create, implement and strategically analyze the financial performance of the
operations department. This includes the financial performance of shifts, departments and machinery in the manufacturing
  • Develop, review and manage department operating expense budgets; including responsibility for the cost efficient
    operation of product production and machine maintenance.
  • Ability to design and implement operations management programs such as six sigma, ISO, 5S, lean manufacturing and
    or the likes.
  • Leads, and supervises managers and team leads as assigned; developing and communicating the organization's
    strategy/mission to all staff, and implementing appropriate coaching/corrective practices to align personnel with
    company goals. Provide ongoing and appropriate corrective feedback and discipline to assigned workers as required to
    ensure their maximum output; by conducting periodic formal and informal appraisals. Must have experience in
    managing multi shift 24/7 operations.
  • Ensures the necessary short-term and long-term business and work plans are developed and executed correctly and
    efficiently for handling customer orders, product procurement, freight procurement and product distribution.
  • Production scheduling - Will work closely with the other managers to determine the optimal production scheduling to
    ensure that company reaches it production goals and services its customers timely. This will include determining the
    proper production based on future sales goals.
  • Develop, review and manage capital expenditure budgets as assigned; responsible for the capital expenditure
    estimates; approves expenditures associated with capital expenditures; responsible for overseeing completion of
    capital projects at or below approved capital expenditure levels.
  • Maintenance Strategy - Must be able to proactively work with shift leads, maintenance manager and plant personnel
    to proactively determine the maintenance needs of the plant to insure that the plant downtime is minimize and
    maintenance shutdowns are planned rather than unplanned.
  • Oversee and approve purchasing requests and purchase orders of assigned employees to ensure the cost efficient
    and appropriate expenditure of company capital and operating expenses budgets.
  • Develop, plan and execute inventory management programs, plans and/or actions.
  • Production costing - Must be able to understand and strategically analyze standard costing within a manufacturing
    setting. Including, machine time, labor, maintenance, etc. and their relation to production costs. Must work closely with
    the company's controller to insure that the costing is correctly recognized and represented on the company's financials.
  • Interact in a professional manner with company managers, employees, customers, suppliers and other key business
  • Act as standing and ad hoc company committee chairperson(s) as assigned; develop programs and agendas; chair
    meetings; and forward or implement committee recommendations as necessary to improve company operations.
  • Safeguard confidential employee and company information that may be shared or discussed during business meetings
    or at other times.
  • Be familiar with and/or able to perform as required all the duties associated with all operations positions in the wood
    pellet industry. Must possess an exceptional mechanical aptitude and have the ability to troubleshoot and improve
    upon current equipment specifications, plant design and workflow layouts.                      
  • This position supervises company Distribution Coordinators, Distribution Supervisors, Plant Foremen and/or Plant
    Technicians in a Manager capacity.
Location = Richmond, VA - DC Corridor