Construction Superintendent - Lake Charles, LA
This page contains Job Description for Construction Superintendent in Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Position Title = Construction Superintendent
Experience Required = 10 years of construction
Position Description =
  • Supports the construction projects throughout the organization.
  • Performs tasks, including client/project development, resource management, and supervision management of
    construction management activities as they relate to contract administration, cost management, project management,
    quality management, construction safety management and time management. May include supervision and
    management of construction inspection and testing.
  • Designs protocols for the necessary work and peer review for quality control purposes.
  • Works with necessary agencies for acquiring needed permits and approvals.
  • Assists in the development of corporate construction management standards.

  • Assists in managing and coordinating preliminary sites or building analysis for construction projects.
  • Applies advanced construction techniques and plans, organizes and supervises the construction management work of
    construction projects.
  • May manage contractor(s), testing agency, coordinate architect and other project participants in the successful
    execution of design, schedule, cost, contract administration and quality aspects of construction projects.
  • Communicates with upper management and customers to ensure timely coordination and proper status of assigned
    construction projects.
  • Works with the project managers and construction managers to identify resources needed to address project issues
    and to interface with program and/or planning personnel in transitioning management responsibility for projects that
    are leaving the design phase and entering the construction phase.
  • Monitors project activities related to construction site work.
  • Employs exceptional construction management knowledge, including knowledge of CPM scheduling, cost estimating
    and contract administration.
  • Is familiar with federal, state and local codes, and regulations and standards governing construction projects in their
    respective field.
  • Has knowledge of Funding/Preparing Funding applications
Preferred Skills: it is preferred that the candidate have experience in an industrial environment, specifically in a chemical
manufacturing plant, but refinery, power, pulp and paper, etc.  will be considered.
Additional notes:  This would also include Civil/ Structural and Mechanical Piping.
Job Location = Lake Charles, LA