Customer Service Representative - Houston, TX
This page contains Job Description for Customer Service Representative in Houston, Texas
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Position Title = Customer Service Representative
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = High School Diploma or GED; Preferred: Associates Degree in Business or other related field
Experience Required =. Minimum 1 year in a manufacturing scheduling or customer service environment and proficiency with
an ERP system and MS Office
Position Description =
  • Analyze and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Drive manufacturing deliverables to match customer’s requirements and meet commitments
  • Provides the customer updates to orders in the system
  • Communicates to account managers should customer issues arise
  • Maintains and communicates the daily pick list to operations and facilitates open communication
  • Promotes a positive customer relationship, including the ability to say “No”
  • Recurring component sales for existing products
  • Receives and communicates customer orders to operations
  • Works with operational groups to ensure the customer has the most up to date and accurate information regarding
    their order
  • Escalates potentially negative customer situations to management and account managers prior to the situation
Location = San Antonio, TX