Designer Drafter - San Antonio, TX
This page contains Job Description for Designer Drafter in San Antonio, Texas
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Job Title = Designer Drafter
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = Technical training or degree as a designer/draftsman and/or equivalent work experience.
Experience Required = Requires a minimum of 3 years experience in CAD Design and Drafting. Advanced experience with
SolidWorks 3D CAD software to design and draft mechanical and electromechanical products, including parts, assemblies,
and some simple electrical schematics.  
Position Description = Candidate should have an excellent knowledge of mechanical design and drafting principles, GD&T,
and a general understanding of design and manufacturing requirements for metal, plastic, rubber, machined, cast, and
stamped parts.
Key Responsibilities
  • Supporting the Mechanical and Sustaining Engineering groups.
  • Support Mechanical Design Engineers with inventive, leading edge CAD layout, design and detailing of mechanical
    components, assemblies and detail drawings.
  • Work with suppliers to ensure a high level of product manufacturability at the lowest cost.
  • Maintain SolidWorks PDM Works database, including training new users.
  • Maintain SolidWorks templates, forms and procedures used by SolidWorks users and Mechanical Design Engineers.
  • Key Job Elements
  • Develop and refine to completion highly detailed CAD models and assemblies from conceptual sketches, group
    discussion and direction from project engineers.
  • Execute detail and assembly drawings, customer and supplier CAD models and document engineering specifications for
    mechanical components and assemblies using SolidWorks software.
  • Coordinate with and consult other workers to resolve design or other problems.
  • Review and analyze specifications, sketches, drawings, ideas, and related data to assess factors affecting component
  • Actively participate in the Corporate Quality Improvement Process.
  • Consult with engineers to modify and revise designs to correct operating deficiencies or to reduce production problems.
  • Compute mathematical formulas to develop and design detailed specifications for components using computer-
    assisted equipment.
  • Position instructions and comments onto drawings.
  • Layout, draw, and reproduce illustrations for reference manuals and technical publications to describe operation and
    maintenance of mechanical systems.  Prepare documentation.
Location = San Antonio, TX