Director of Construction Services - Houston, TX
This page contains Job Description for Director of Construction Services in Houston, Texas
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Position Title = Director of Construction Services
Status = Full-time, salaried with benefits.
Experience Required = 20+ years experience in Heavy Highway Construction. TxDOT Experience is preferred.  
Position Description = Responsible for all operations and ensures continuity of construction project functions using
reasonable and prudent judgment in areas such as personnel, decision making, etc.
  • Interviewing and hiring activities are completed in accordance with the company policy.
  • Ensure that Project Managers and Inspectors are trained to efficiently perform the required duties expected of them.
  • Safety Practices: Ensures that all project personnel follows safety rules and demonstrates safe work practices.
  • All construction projects are monitored to ensure contractors meet the standards outlined in the plans and
    specifications for the duration of assigned projects.
  • Reviews plans and specifications on assigned construction projects and reports discrepancies to supervisors.
  • Oversees construction schedules and job progress on construction projects;
  • All projects are constructed within reasonable conformance to plans and specifications.
  • Oversees construction traffic control coordination for all Projects; periodically reviews traffic control devices on projects
    with Project Managers and Lead Inspectors.
  • Acts as consultant to other staff engineers regarding construction operations as they relate to administration,
    programming, planning, design, right of way and maintenance in order to coordinate district operations.
  • Complaints and concerns are addressed in a courteous manner with one day or notification.
  • Responsible for resolution of contractor claims and construction disputes on current projects.
  • Responsible for the pavement management program including development of short- and long-term goals for
    pavements and direction of planning activities and resources required to meet these goals.
Location = Houston, TX area