Engineering Recruiter - New Orleans, LA
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Position Title = Engineering Recruiter
Education Required = BS in Engineering preferred
Years Experience Req'd = 0
Position Description = New Orleans-based recruiting company is seeking an individual to spearhead our engineering
recruiting efforts. While no experience is required, you must be a very aggressive self-starter and a fast learner. Guidance
will be provided initially, but you will be expected to learn very quickly.
Job duties consist of the following:
  • You must be able to efficiently search through job candidates and match them to job descriptions.
  • Post jobs on appropriate job boards, including re-formatting of job descriptions, if necessary.
  • Contact candidates to gauge their interest in the position.
  • Communicate with candidates during hiring cycle (interviews, job offers, paperwork, etc.)
  • ll other work necessary to place candidates with clients
Job Location = New Orleans, LA