Lean Project Manager - Los Angeles, CA
This page contains Job Description for Lean Project Manager in Los Angeles, California
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Position Title
= Lean Project Manager (Life Science)
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = Bachelor's degree required.  Master's preferred.
Experience Required =
  • 5 - 20 years of experience including strong Lean Project Management or Manufacturing.
  • Experience managing multiple teams at different locations including change management (Explain Change
    Management Experience).
  • Experience coaching and managing shop floor personnel in Lean Tools and Methods.
  • Experience in Life Science is a plus.
Some Consulting Firm experience in Lean and Change Management is a plus
Position Description = Company is a leading international group of laboratories providing an unparalleled range of testing
and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental and consumer products industries and to governments.  
They are searching for an Operational Excellence LEAN Project Manager to lead global initiatives.  The Project Manager will
support implementation of the Operational Excellence methodology (based on LEAN/ 5S) and support other internal
consulting initiatives/ projects to industrialize and optimize lab processes across all labs of the group
Specific Assignments:
  • Support the implementation of the Operational Excellence Methodology. This methodology is a practical and pragmatic
    collection of lean/ six sigma/ 5s methods specifically adapted to the testing laboratory world. Objective is to implement
    the defined project methodology on how to analyze a lab, identify and quantify improvement opportunities and finally
    define and implement appropriate solutions (resulting in higher productivity, lower turnaround time and/ or lower
    cost). Will follow the documented methodology/tools and processes required to improve operational excellence,
    efficiency and cost in a lab sustainably.
  • The project manager will, with support of the internal consulting team and other experts, define and document parts
    of the methodology, review proposals from colleagues and lead/ participate in workshops to challenge and further
    complete the methodology
  • Run Operational Excellence projects. The first projects will be considered pilot projects and will have a strong focus on
    identifying and realizing quick wins to gain momentum for the overall initiative. Another focus is the on-going training
    of the relevant workforce of the participating labs as well as the workforce of the labs of the next implementation
    wave by pulling them forward and involving them in the initial pilot. Key for this assignment is the ability to interact
    with the local employees on all levels, provide on-going coaching and challenging as the change management aspect
    of the pilot will be important (given the decentralized culture).
  • The project manager will run the day-to-day project management of these pilot projects, including team management,
    creation and tracking/ monitoring of project plans, escalation of challenges, managing interfaces with local teams,
    identifying and testing solutions to identified operational issues, documenting overall impact, etc.
  • Define specifications, resulting from the operational excellence project. Any recommendation or solution resulting from
    an optimization project needs to be translated (if required) into specifications for IT or any involved other functional
    area, including clear and well documented business case (financial impact and cost of change, importance for the
    business, feasibility and complexity of implementation, etc.). Also, a continuing interface to IT has to be established to
    ensure IT implementation follows specifications and is implemented appropriately as defined in the operational
    excellence program.
  • The project manager will ensure that all recommended and tested solutions that require system support are properly
    documented and discussed with the relevant IT teams. He will also follow-up on the IT implementation to monitor
    scope, time and quality of the implementation to ensure all pilot recommendations are finally implemented and
  • Support or lead the documentation of best practices, either as a result of the operational excellence program or as
    part of the "standardize lab footprints" initiative, requiring experience in analyzing and documenting processes (e.g.
    using swim lane diagrams, value stream mapping, etc).  The projectmanager will be involved in documentation of new
    or existing best practices using the standard templates.
  • Support or lead other internal consulting initiatives. Depending on the workload and team composition, a project
    manager might also support or lead other internal consulting initiatives. They are expected to be a flexible team
    member of the "consulting pool" that can be assigned to different projects or initiatives, depending on the overall
Location = Los Angeles, CA