Machine Design Engineer - Pittsburg, KS
This page contains Job Description for Machine Design Engineer in Pittsburg, Kansas
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Position Title = Machine Design Engineer

Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits

Education Required = Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related.

Experience Required =

•        Experience with AutoCAD (Inventor Series).
•        5+ years of experience in machine design engineering for a manufacturing environment preferred.

Position Description = We are looking for a Machine Design Engineer with AutoCAD Inventor experience.  

Mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic engineering disciplines.

AutoCAD (current Inventor Series revision), MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Autodesk
Strong communication and problem solving skills with an excellent knowledge of manufacturing methods and processes.

Responsibilities:  To include, but not limited to:

Design / engineer machines, products & processes for the corporation's screen printing, heat transfer machine, industrial
oven, and commercial food equipment lines, and any other company product line needs.

Upgrade / modify / expand existing designs to improve reliability or functionality, cost effectively.

Assure system and product quality by designing testing methods; testing finished- product and system capabilities;
confirming fabrication, assembly, and installation processes.

Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related tasks as needed.

Initiate engineering system changes to existing designs using the "Engineering Change Request" documentation procedure.

Generate or amend required production drawings through use of models, dimensioned drawings, etc.

Interface with project engineer to maintain current Bill of Materials.

Direct, instruct and assist other pertinent personnel in the making of prototype parts / assemblies using the appropriate
established procedures.

Interface directly with Production Supervisor & other production personnel to assess, modify and enhance products and
process needs or changes.

Direct and train production personnel on new product assembly methods as required.

Advise on product(s) construction and progress to Engineer Manager on a daily basis.

Ability to perform basic engineering functions and calculations in relation to stress factors on materials, load factors etc. to
determine the proper size / strength of materials needed for an application.

Reports to the Engineering Manager.

Bottom line requirements:

1.  Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related.
2.  Experience with AutoCAD (Inventor Series).
3.  5+ years of experience in machine design engineering for a manufacturing environment preferred.

Location = Pittsburg, KS