Mechanical Engineer - Industrial Manufacturing - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
This page contains Job Description for Mechanical Engineer in Industrial Manufacturing - Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
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Position Title = Mechanical Engineer - Industrial Manufacturing
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = BSME
Experience Required = 5+ years of mechanical engineering experience in an industrial manufacturing environment
Position Description = We are looking for a Mechanical Engineer with experience in an industrial manufacturing environment.  
Mechanical Engineers work in a variety of roles, including project engineering, reliability engineering, maintenance planning,
maintenance supervision and operations. Mechanical engineers work in all areas of the mill and work closely with other
departments to engineer solutions. This job opening is in the project engineering area which emphasizes process and
project design, project management, installation and construction management skills. Roughly 70% of the engineer's time is
spent in the project engineering area. The remainder is spent supporting maintenance and operations efforts.
•       Complete preliminary and authorization level engineering studies, including detailed scope development and capital
cost estimates.
•       Provide project management for capital projects.
•       Provide engineering support for projects involving capital installation, reliability improvement, capacity increase, cost
reduction, safety and quality improvement.
•       Coordinate maintenance and project construction activities to ensure quality while minimizing process-related
•       Coordinate outside engineering and contractor resources as needed.
•       Assist assigned areas in developing capital spending plans, including cost estimations and justification.
•       Assist maintenance and operations departments in diagnosing and resolving reliability issues.
•       Interact with area mechanical or area E/I crafts people in supporting day-to-day operations. The mechanical engineer is
a resource when working on difficult technical problems affecting the mill.
•       Assure the efficient and reliable operation of the mill's mechanical systems.
•       Support and direct craft and contractor activities for planned mill outages.
Location = Wisconsin Rapids, WI