Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor - Portland, OR
This page contains Job Description for Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor in Portland, Oregon
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Position Title = Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor
Status = Full-time, salaried with benefits.
Education Required = Minimum high school or GED equivalent, Bachelors degree in engineering field highly desirable.
Experience Required = Minimum of 8 years mechanical experience in maintenance/engineering in the pulp and paper
Position Description = Manage the coordination of maintenance needs for the Operating Departments to achieve short and
long term goals and objectives of the Department and company.  Coordinate purchasing, scheduling, and documenting of
work tasks for assigned areas.  Support services include maintenance, contractors, and equipment vendors.
  • Creates and supports a culture of safe and environmentally responsible work practices.
  • Responsible for day to day organization/scheduling and supervision of mechanical crews.
  • Serve as operating department maintenance contact during duty and when scheduled on-call.
  • Troubleshoots equipment performance problems in the department.  
  • Coordinates and performs the preventative maintenance responsibility in the department; coordinates the follow-up
    investigation into the cause of lost time, the immediate measures to be taken to get the equipment back on line, and
    the long term measures to be taken to prevent the recurrence of lost time.
  • Establishment of parts and inventory requirements for all area equipment.  Provide liaison with Stores to maintain and
    secure parts needed for daily work.
  • Establish and maintain repair history (computer database) for all area equipment.
  • Tracks equipment and system performance, identifies problems, coordinates decision-making and corrective actions.
  • Procure, track, receive, inventory, secure, and stage parts for all mechanical maintenance projects.
  • Develop contingency plans for unplanned outages and communicates operating options.
  • Coordinates the implementation of the outage work schedule within the operations department.
  • Schedule and conduct planning meetings
Skills and Knowledge
  • Understanding basic mechanical problems or understanding basic operating processes.                 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of predictive and preventative maintenance programs.
  • Excellent analysis and problem-solving skills.
  • Communication skills – written, verbal, personal computer and other IS tools.
  • Decision-making ability.
  • Financial skills – budget and cost control.
  • Initiative (self-directed)
  • Organizational fit: philosophy application and team player
Location = Portland, OR area