Outside Sales - Anderson, SC
This page contains Job Description for Outside Sales in Anderson, South Carolina
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Position Title = Outside Sales
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Experience Required = 5 to 15 years of outside B to B sales over a one or two state territory involving long sales cycles.
Position Description = We are looking for an Outside Salesperson with solid sales to industrial accounts who's hungry to
grow in compensation and responsibilities.
The position of outside sales representative involves very heavy prospecting.  They sell pressure sensitive labels/solutions to
the durable goods market.  We need someone who can do consultative selling similar to the sale in printing or a related
industries such as packaging or folding cartons that have a long sale cycle of 18 months.  
The salesperson must be able to multi task as given the long sale cycle they have to be able to have many projects going at
a time.  Since they are selling a more technical solution, the person needs to have the ability to handle a technical application
and be good at listening to uncover the issues so that the inside technical staff can recommend solutions.
Location = Anderson, South Carolina