Process Control Engineer - Industrial Manufacturing - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
This page contains Job Description for Process Control Engineer - Industrial Manufacturing - Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
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Position Title = Process Control Engineer - Industrial Manufacturing
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = Bachelor's degree in engineering.
Experience Required = 3 + years of process control experience in industrial manufacturing.
Position Description = We are looking for someone with process control experience in industrial manufacturing.
Responsible for the creation, maintenance, administration and optimization of control systems in order to minimize process
variation and reduce costs. Provide technical expertise in Pulp and Paper manufacturing process control systems.
Develop maintenance and operating personnel to take full advantage of the capabilities offered by our distributed control
systems and quality control systems.
Work with other maintenance personnel to optimize the performance of our control systems to minimize variation and meet
Write and modify computer process control programs to optimize mill controls.
Work closely with mill technical and production personnel in planning, designing, and developing new process control
applications and improvements.
Assist E/I supervision in establishing maintenance procedures and schedules for process control systems.
Be part of a weekend E/I supervision team on a rotating basis (approx. 1 of every 11 weeks)
Support LSS as well as other continuous improvement initiatives.
Support Manufactoring Excellence by following work processes as designed.
Provide support for capital project planning and implementation.
Bachelor's degree in engineering with a minimum of 3 years experience
Working knowledge of Foxboro IA and/or Networking is a plus
Location = Wisconsin Rapids WI