Production Supervisor - Rosenberg, TX
This page contains Job Description for Production Supervisor in Rosenberg, Texas
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Position Title = Production Supervisor
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = B.S. Degree in Operations Management, Manufacturing or Industrial Engineering required
Experience Required =
  • 3 years in a progressive, low to medium volume manufacturing environment
  • 1-3 years supervising production
  • 1-3 years working within an ISO 9000 quality management system
Job Description = Responsible for:  Overseeing the daily manufacturing activities and people planning for our Rosenberg,
Texas facility.  The position works closely with other functional areas in Operations and Engineering in order to advance
manufacturing best practices and achieve Overdrive performance.
Key Responsibilities
  • Manages and develops the production team leads/supervisor and hourly team members. Approx. 40 employees
  • Follow the directions and instructions of management in undertaking all assigned tasks to the set production cycle
    time and to the set quality or acceptance criteria.  Provides guidance and oversight for all production associates.
  • Keep the cells and lines active and ensure operators are producing product by the work instructions.
  • Monitors team progress towards goals and adjusts priorities as needed to maximize productivity, efficiency and
    effectiveness.  Develop a culture that embraces the tenets of operational excellence.
  • Be committed to the documented Quality System.  Contribute to improvements by working with management to
    ensure that work instructions reflect current working practices and are updated immediately when changes are made.
Key Job Elements
  • Supervise all of the manufacturing personnel and resources for the assigned department to ensure that capacity and
    skill levels meet current and future product mix and demand requirements.
  • Maintaining adherence to company safety standards and policies to ensure a safe work environment including
    ensuring that machinery, equipment and facilities are properly maintained for efficient and safe production.
  • Driving process excellence and product quality through the use of Lean Six Sigma tools to achieve Overdrive
  • Allocate and adjust operators to meet planned hours and achieve budgeting requirements.
  • Work with Engineering and Materials to ensure On Time Delivery of Products
  • Coordinating with the Planning and Materials departments to ensure that proper component and materials inventories
    are maintained to support production.
Other Qualifications
  • Demonstrated people management skills
  • Knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools (Green Belt preferred)
Location = Rosenberg, TX