Quality Manager - Cleveland, OH
This page contains Job Description for Quality Manager in Cleveland, Ohio
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Position Title = Quality Manager
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = Bachelor's Degree in engineering or other related discipline.
Experience Required =
5 + years experience in managing technical personnel and manufacturing activities including 4+ years in quality management.
Experience in internal or external auditing with automotive suppliers is desirable
Experience with injection molding, extrusion and formed metals is preferred
ASQ certification is preferred.
Position Description = The QA Manager has the responsibility, accountability, and authority to plan, direct, and administer
the Company's quality-assurance programs.
*           Develop and implement a Quality organizational structure capable of supporting the company's strategic initiatives
and lead the efforts to integrate quality needs into the development of short and long range company strategic business
*           Study, investigate and recommend new or leading-edge technologies, tools, methods and procedures on the fields
of quality assurance and continuous improvement to proactively address changes in the business environment.
*           Provide expertise in Quality Assurance and process improvement tools and methods to the other functional areas of
the organization to support the company's continuous improvement activities.
*           The Quality Manager also has responsibility to act as liaison on matters relating to the quality system, (i.e. suppliers
and global partners).
*           Leads the Company initiative in the development, implementation and improvement of the appropriate Quality
Management Systems throughout the organization, with all the documentation required.  This includes the establishment,
implementation and maintenance of company quality system policies, monitoring programs, the evaluation of in-house and
supplier programs, gathering of statistical data and providing advanced quality planning support in the development and
launch of new products, processes and services.
*           Perform Process Control Audits at supplier sites to verify Advanced Quality Planning, control plans and process
flows.  Assure that the supply base properly understands all Company design and specification requirements and verify that
the supplier's manufacturing process has the capability to produce components that conform to those requirements.
*           Lead the internal quality system audit process and manage the corrective action system.  Analyze key organizational
quality metrics and perform periodical reviews to evaluate results and establish action plans to close gaps at the operational
*           Determine and enforce - through functional groups - quality requirements in accordance with company needs.
*           Monitors and investigates quality issues; reviews areas of risk, conducts internal and comparative trend analyses to
identify variations from norms or potential areas/procedures requiring further investigation.
*           Manage the budget of the quality organization.
*           Involved with supplier selection.
Location = Cleveland, OH