Quality Manager - Houston, TX
This page contains Job Description for Quality Manager in Houston, Texas
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Position Title = Quality Manager - Forging
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = . Bachelor's Degree in Engineering
Experience Required =. 3 + years of quality management or supervisory experience in forging or a related environment.
Position Description = Steel forging product company is seeking a Quality Manager.
The Quality Manager is in charge of the development and implementation of numerous quality control aspects in relationship
to the company and its products.   
Essential Job Functions and Duties:
*           Development, modifications and maintenance of procedures and quality / inspection plans covering all aspects of the
Quality Assurance Program.  Evaluate results and make improvements.
*           Resolution of various problems that develop related to orders and products.
o          Use various techniques to develop the root cause for issues.
o          Use statistical methods to analyze data and identify trends.
o          Develop corrective actions to address errors, defects and non-conformances that focus on permanent elimination.
*           Customer interface and meetings.
*           Perform both internal & external audits required by the QA Program.
*           Review customer order requirements and specifications and provide summaries for use in estimating, sales and the
A Bachelor's degree in a relevant Engineering field with 3 + years applicable experience in a similar working environment.  
Working knowledge of metallurgy a plus.
Location = Houston, TX