Senior Pipeline Engineer in Walnut Creek, CA
This page contains Job Description for Senior Pipeline Engineer in Walnut Creek, CA
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Position Title = Senior Pipeline Engineer
Education Required = BSME or BSCE
Experience Required =
  • A minimum of five years of on-the-job experience within a utility focused on pipeline operations as well as pipeline
    design [Required]
  • A minimum of two years of experience in a decision-making position [Required].  ”Decision-making” is defined as the
    authority to define, execute, or control projects/processes and to be responsible for the outcome (this may or may not
    include management or supervisory positions).
  • Work experience demonstrates a history of advancement within one company [Desired]
Position Description =
Professional Engineer (PE) Registration Required
Under supervision and with latitude for independent action or decision, the Senior Pipeline Engineer performs responsible
engineering work on a professional level in design of engineering jobs, projects, or parts thereof.  The Senior Pipeline
Engineer is responsible to ensure quality and compliance with all relevant codes and standards.  The Senior Engineer may be
required to perform activities such as cost estimating, field measurements; preparation and correction of field drawings,
ordering and receiving material; initiation of right-of-way acquisition, licenses, and permits; preparing operating and
maintenance instructions, inspection and performance of other related duties.
  • Prepares designs, calculations, drawings, layouts, and studies from field inspections, preliminary sketches,
    specifications, and instructions requiring knowledge of engineering practices and shop and field procedures
  • Reviews design and documentation to ensure compliance with design criteria and standards
  • Gas system network and hydraulic analysis
  • Construction Specification and Bid Package Preparation
  • Pipeline Design and Material Selection
  • Project Management
  • Alternative/Feasibility Studies
  • Maintain excellent project communication with proven tools and processes
  • Work closely with other workgroups at our clients place of business and GTS offices
  • CEQA, CEC and Agency Permit processes for pipeline installations
  • Proficiency in the area of pipeline open cut and trenchless design
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Project Management Principals and Application (Cost, Scope and Schedule)
  • Proficient use of MS Outlook, Word, Excel, Project, and PowerPoint
  • Effective Communication - Written and Verbal
  • Innovation (Creativity)
  • Teamwork
  • Utility Business Understanding – Required
20% travel time is expected
Location = Walnut Creek, CA