Software Engineer - Rockford, IL
This page contains Job Description for Software Engineer in Rockford, Illinois
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Position Title = Software Engineer
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = BA or BS in Computer Science or related field or sufficient experience in a software development
Experience Required = 3+ years in software development with C++ and database design/development using one or more
common databases (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.)
Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual C++, and Windows-based development.
Machine Vision experience is a plus.
Experience with Source Control Systems and with Matlab are pluses.
Position Description = We are looking for a software engineer with with C++ and database design and development using
one or more common databases like Oracle, SQL Server, etc.
The Software Engineer - Windows GUI and Database Development for the Composites Division will work with a  development
team that develops software dedicated to the design and manufacturing of composite structures for a variety of applications
including, but not limited to , aerospace vehicles .
*           Develop Windows user interface (GUI) and database function according to project designs          
*           Ensure products and services provided by the company meet the highest standards
*           Work closely with the development team to meet deadlines and company goals
*           Demonstrate continuous improvement philosophy
*           Provide appropriate documentation during development process
*           Programming skills in C++ for Windows applications required
*           Proficient in database design.
*           Strong math and 3D graphics skills a plus
*           Machine Vision experience is a plus
*           Good communication and interpersonal skills
*           Flexible work attitude and excellent team player
*           Must be a US Citizen
Location = Rockford, IL