Supplier Quality Engineer - Thomasville, NC
This page contains Job Description for Supplier Quality Engineer in Thomasville, NC
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Position Title = Supplier Quality Engineer

Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits

Education Required = Bachelor's degree in an engineering or technical field preferred.  Chemical Engineering degree is ideal.

Experience Required = 1 to 5 years of manufacturing experience in a quality or purchasing related role including interaction
with material suppliers.

Position Description = Worldwide manufacturing company with operations in North Carolina.  The strength of the
organization is a focus on continuous innovation and investments in both product and technological developments.

Primary Objective: Responsible for the oversight and continual improvement of the incoming materials quality system.
Regularly interacts with suppliers to ensure quality, qualify new material, and improve mutual efficiencies. Gathers, analyzes,
and reports data in pursuit of a best-in-class supplier scorecard system. Assists in sourcing, qualifying, purchasing, and
setting-up accessorial products to support and improve plant operations.

Administers and actively improves the incoming material quality system.  This includes establishing and documenting systems

•        Incoming inspection (including criteria, frequency, responsibility, and reporting).
•        Regular supplier quality audits.
•        New supplier/material qualification and trials.
•        Consistent supplier feedback through an active scorecard system.
•        Documenting and maintaining accurate, up-to-date specifications and material requirements, including taking measures
to ensure agreement between supplier and Production.
•        Issuing supplier corrective action requests including root cause analysis, preventive actions, and follow-up to ensure
•        Proactively prepares and presents action-driving, visual metrics associated with supplier quality performance.
•        Tracks projects with a hands-on approach; develops and maintains data logs, generates reports, and improves current
•        Acts as the key communication channel between Production and supplier, ensuring concerns are communicated and
addressed in a timely manner.
•        Actively participates in troubleshooting material-related concerns on the Production floor, using strong knowledge of
production processes and material science to identify root causes and propose solutions.
•        Learns supplier's processes and utilizes 6-sigma, 5-why, 8D, and other tools to help suppliers improve quality. Visits
suppliers as needed to drive results.
•        Leads projects related to material cost reduction and quality improvement using a data-driven approach. Coordinates
efforts among Purchasing, Production, and suppliers to reduce material costs while ensuring quality.
•        Uses excellent quantitative data skills (Excel, preferably with VBA experience) to prepare and/or automate weekly
metrics reports reflecting on-time deliveries, material availability and performance, inventory levels, and project status.
•        Files monetary claims and RTVs with suppliers for defective material, and works with Finance to follow claims through
to completion.
•        Assists in building and issuing forecasts of anticipated material consumption to external suppliers, other companies,
and internal groups such as Finance.
•        Assists in creating and maintaining master data related to materials in multiple IT systems.

Performs other duties as assigned.

•        25% of time to be spent assisting with purchasing related activities:
•        Sources and negotiates critical supplemental materials including, cartons, films, glues, accessories, etc.    
•        Seeks out new suppliers/materials and works with current suppliers to create mutual cost savings while
simultaneously improving quality and operating efficiencies
•        Participates in new product development process as a key and active contributor - especially towards new materials
(decors, board, packaging, etc.). Assists and leads in accurately setting up new products and parts within internal systems.
•        Assists purchasing director in data gathering and analysis, providing recommendations and research in purchasing
decisions of key raw materials.
•        Maintains a holistic view in every purchasing decision or recommendation, protecting the interests of the company and
balancing short-term and long-term benefits


•        Bachelor's degree in an engineering/technical field or associates degree with 3 - 5 years of manufacturing experience
in a quality and/or purchasing-related role.
•        Minimum 2 years of experience in manufacturing; interaction with material suppliers strongly preferred
•        Excellent data and analysis skills.  Ability to collect, analyze, and report data in a concise, well organized form.
•        Excellent organizational skills. Ability to track details of multiple projects at multiple stages without getting lost in the
•        Self-directed, pro-active, get-it-done approach, driven to work with and through others to find and deliver results on
•        Strong communication skills.  Ability to communicate on a professional level verbally and in writing about technical
issues, product specifications, etc.
•        Highly proficient computer skills - Very strong Excel skills (some VBA experience preferred); Locus, Minitab, Word, and
SAP skills also preferred.
•        Ideal candidate will have an inner drive to continually learn and improve; a constant dissatisfaction with the status quo
and the self-confidence to work with others to find and develop new, better solutions are key attributes for success in this

Bottom line requirements

1.  Bachelor's degree in an engineering or technical field preferred.  Chemical Engineering degree is ideal.
2.  1 to 5 years of manufacturing experience in a quality or purchasing related role including interaction with material
3.  Local or close enough for a short easy move preferred.

Location = Thomasville, NC