Technical Services Engineer - Tulsa, OK
This page contains Job Description for Technical Services Engineer in Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Position Title = Technical Services Engineer
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or Electrical/Electronic Technology
preferred.  Associates degree considered with appropriate experience
Experience Required =. Minimum of three years’ experience solving customer technical problems, preferably related to
electronic instrumentation and controls applied in industrial engine applications.  Experience with displays, embedded
controls, control configuration and control systems desired.                 
Position Description =
Provide knowledgeable and timely customer technical support from either office (primarily) or customer location.  Develop
strong product, application, problem resolution and customer service skills to ensure customer needs are fulfilled.  Document
customer interaction in the corporate CRM system.  Provide feedback to the Engineering, Quality and Marketing teams
regarding product concerns which surface during the resolution of customer issues.  Contribute learning experiences with
team members to help build overall team expertise.                                                                                                             
This position requires strong customer service, technical and problem-solving skills.  Keys to success include: desire to
continuously learn; willingness to assume ownership of customer problem resolution; ability to work in team or individual
environments; ability to multi-task and adapt to changing priorities; and communicating (verbal or written) in a timely and
customer-oriented manner.
Location = Tulsa, OK