Tooling Engineer / Program Manager - Strongsville, OH
This page contains Job Description for Tooling Engineer / Program Manager in Strongsville, Ohio
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Position Title = Tooling Engineer / Program Manager
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = High School Graduate or equivalent     
Experience Required =
Tool & Die Journeyman or 4 years experience with Tool & Die
10 years Progressive Die Manufacturing experience required
Auto Cad and GD&T knowledge and experience
Position Description = Company provides manufacturing and engineering services to a wide variety of industries including
automotive and construction.  Looking for a Tooling Engineer / Program Manager.
PRIMARY FUNCTION: Facilitate product launch in conjunction with customer, vendor and staff specifically with regard to
tooling.  Maintain contact with internal and external vendors to monitor design quality and progress of tooling construction
SECONDARY FUNCTION: Work with engineers from all departments to ensure efficient material flow and or parts processing
for new or existing jobs, areas and work centers.  Assist in all areas of project related engineering functions.
Responsible for tool placement, follow-up, and monitoring the progress of tool and die set construction.
Ensure that materials and tools are available for projects.
Ensure final drawings are received.
Work with the engineering team to evaluate engineering drawings, strip layouts and functional gages based on customer
requirements and function.
Receive, quote, and make design/engineering changes.
Receive part prints to design new tooling based on customer requirements and function.
Attend Smooth Start Up meetings to evaluate engineering drawings and make recommendations relating to tool & die
production, progressive dies, required gages and fixtures and prototype development.
Travel - domestic and international required
Follows all applicable TS16949 policies, procedures and work instructions.
Location = Strongsville OH