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This page contains Job Descriptions for Materials Manager Jobs that we have available.
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Position Title = Materials Manager
Education Required = Bachelor of Science degree in an Engineering discipline preferred, or a BS degree in Business
Management, or equivalent field.
Experience Required = Hands on experience of 5-10 years in materials management in the electronics industry (EMS – CM).
Status = Full-time, salaried with benefits.
Position Description = Job responsibilities will include the management of Purchasing, Production Planning, Stockroom and
the total inventory for the business.  The job focus is to assure that all electronic components and support materials are
available to production on time (JIT) at an increasingly competitive cost.  The successful person will assure material
availability is achieved to meet all customer delivery requirements, inventory turnover is high and at competitive levels while
excess and obsolete materials are managed to minimize liabilities.  Understanding the complete process, pulling other
parties together and familiarity with military specifications, ISO 9000 quality requirements, black belt (Six Sigma training), and
World Class/Lean manufacturing concepts are all desired.  Responsibilities include driving Zero-Defect Quality, 100% On Time
Delivery and minimal Cycle Time.
Location = Williamsport, PA
Position Title = Manager, Materials
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = Bachelor’s degree with a technical or analytical emphasis.  Economics or applied statistics degree is
Experience Required =. A minimum of 3 years leading a planning or purchasing department
  • Detailed knowledge of ERP systems, J D Edwards preferred.
  • Certified by APIC or CPIM is preferred.
  • Experience of lean or Toyota Production System type operating systems a plus.
  • Experience with transportation and logistics associated with the management of inbound and outbound freight is also
  • Experience with ABC XYZ, Reorder Point, etc. tools in support of inventory management
Position Description =
Key Responsibilities
  • Leading master scheduling, purchasing, production planning, and managing inventory levels.
  • Lead master scheduling and production planning and control functions.
  • Lead the purchasing function.
  • Manage inventory levels balancing customer demand with cash flow, effectively managing obsolescence.
  • Participate in sales & operations planning process, including manufacturing resource planning validation.
Key Job Elements
  • Support the product development and material planning process, especially planning the transition of product from
    R&D to production.
  • Manages the Purchasing function.
  • Manage Master Scheduling and Production Activity Control function.
  • Champion the process integrity of the storage functions including Raw Materials, Warehouse (receiving & material
    handling) and Finished Goods/Shipping.
  • Manage inventory levels balancing customer demand with cash flow.  Effectively manage obsolescence.
  • Mentor/Ensure the use of best practice inventory management practices that includes, but is not limited to, ABC XYZ
    analysis, Reorder Point calculation, forecasting error analysis, etc.
  • Performs the daily production planning processes
  • Evaluates production plans to determine purchasing and material scheduling requirements which support the planned
    production schedules.
  • Reviews the production status with the sales department and expedites materials to meet customer delivery
  • Manages the level of material and finished goods inventories to optimize smooth production flow, meet inventory turn
    objectives, and minimize inventory investment.
  • Supervises the Continuous Improvement (CI) process within the materials team and provides support to the company’
    s lean initiatives.
  • Supervises routine recording of inventory levels through cycle counts and evaluates results for compliance with
    inventory control objectives.
Location = San Antonio, TX