Metallurgical & Metallurgy Engineering Jobs
This page contains Job Descriptions for Metallurgical & Metallurgy Engineering Jobs that we have available.
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Position Title = Production Engineer - Metallurgist
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Education Required = BS in Metallurgical/Materials Engineering is preferred.  An Associate's degree in Engineering or related
field with relevant work experience is also acceptable.
Experience Required = Manufacturing experience involving metallurgy and microstructures, particularly in ferrous and
aluminum alloys; Demonstrated familiarity with manufacturing processes and systems.
Position Description = We are looking for a Metallurgist or Metallurgical Engineer with manufacturing experience with ferrous
metals or aluminum alloys.
There should be a focus on achieving a fundamental understanding of heat treatment and metal finishing. The individual
should apply this fundamental knowledge to provide information, tools and resources to improve business effectiveness,
reduce variation and increase understanding of heat treatment and metal finishing to directly impact quality, service,
productivity and profitability.
1.         Focus on the ROI of your time and resources.
2.         Follow Customer Service Values.
3.         Improve process understanding of heat treatment and metal finishing. This should be both equipment and material
related. Develop Shop Floor understanding.
4.         Identify opportunities based ,on data analysis. Physically identify opportunities for process performance, data
integrity, productivity improvement and energy conservation.
5.         Work as a team on analytical tool and report development. Tool and report development should have both short term
and long term goals.
6.         Stay abreast of emerging technologies. Participate in industry, benchmarking.
7.         Join and influence technical committees as identified. Look for reduction of waste and improvement of value.
8.         Help plants identify opportunities for improvement. Help them achieve their goals.
9.         Participate in training functions. This can include process, test methods and analytical understanding.
10.       Participate in process audits under guidance of CHO Quality. Scope may include job and part audits, measurement
systems and equipment condition and performance. Assist, as required, in the creation of quality system related activities
and documentation.
11.       Help in new and existing job development. Help understand customer expectations requirements. Assist getting the
job established at the plant. Provide physical assistance to internal and external customers.
12.       Develop business understanding. Obtain knowledge of what it takes to get parts out the door, and understand
pressures of plant personnel.
13.       Actively participate in improving our utilization by the plants.
14.       Improve intra and interdepartmental communications.  Participate in meetings to define specific expectations, review
of prime goals, and understanding of plant need. Clearly acknowledge your ownership of expectations for specific tasks.
15.       Participate in cross functional Task Groups. Be willing to lead and identify goals, objectives and milestones.
16.       Facilitate groups performing problem solving. Focus on understanding true root cause and help develop effective
solutions to systemic issues.
17.       Be open to internal customer feedback. Participate in programs for documenting and solving department procedural
18.       Perform development, complaint, routine analyses to best of ability utilizing resources at Corporate and Divisional
19.       Respond as expeditiously as possible while ensuring confidence in the accuracy of information and recommendations
to all requests for information and tasks.  Demonstrate good judgment on own ability and when to utilize consultation and
other resources.
20.       Demonstrate effective verbal and written communications skills.
21.       Generate written outputs and reports and procedures concerning activities, functions, systems, and individual
circumstances.   Document relative information for communication to internal and external customers, and serve as
permanent reference and record.
22.       Promote professional image for self, department, and company.
23.       Establish communication links with external customers and participate in external customer visits at company and
customer facilities. Document communications with customers.
24.       Review quality assurance instructions, specifications, and prints and design robust processes, assist in determining
the method of conducting inspection and tests, and sequence of operations.
25.       Objectively design and execute experiments for problem-solving or process improvement based on sound
engineering theory and practice. Obtain statistically valid data and base reviews and conclusions on fact and data.
26.       React to conditions that may result in non-conforming product.  Follow up and report on non-conforming product
27.       Establish work tasks and goals for self.  Be receptive to new systems, technology, equipment and procedures.
28.       Travel and work off shifts when needed.
29.       Execute applicable computer software programs to store, calculate, retrieve, and report analytical, metallurgical, and
quality data.
30.       Coordinate and implement the use of statistical tools throughout the organization with appropriate personnel.
Location = St. Louis MO