PLC Programmer Jobs
This page contains Job Descriptions for PLC Programmer Jobs that we have available.
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Position Title = PLC Service Controls Engineer    
Education Required = BS (Electrical or Mechanical) or applicable vocational training
Experience Required = 3-5 Years
Position Description = Provide PLC field support for control panels manufactured by Company in our domestic and
international markets.
  • Support the Quality Management System by ensuring that the daily flow follows the procedures and work instructions
    as defined within the QMS, and continues to support and strengthen Company’s adherence to the ISO 9001:2000
  • Provide our customers with technical support via phone or email to ensure they have a good understanding of
    products and solutions.
  • Provide customer support on sight for technical support training and/or start up assistance domestically &
  • Work within the engineering department when not on assignment doing design, programming, or testing.
Location = Based in Rosenberg, TX, requires Travel