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Position Title = Programmer
Status = Permanent Full Time with Benefits
Experience Required = Programming experience with high level languages, such as C#, MVC, Python, Java;
Experience with SQL databases.
Position Description = We are looking for a programmer with experience in high level languages, such as C#, MVC,
Python, Java.
Primary Responsibilities
  • Use High Level Languages, such as C#,, Python, Java.
  • Create and maintain data acquisition software (Desktop Applications)
  • Maintain and develop SQL databases and MVC web interfaces for the databases
  • Supports existing software and code used for production product acceptance equipment
Secondary Responsibilities
  • Develop PLC programs and control schemes to support various cyclic testing tasks.
  • Design, procure, build and maintain testing machines used to test production units and prototypes.
  • Use hand tools and hand held power tools to build test setups and control panels.
Tertiary Responsibilities
  • Operate testing software to perform and records test data.
  • Operate test machinery and equipment used by software to test product performance.
  • Use high level languages, such as C#, MVC, Python, Java.
  • SQL databases
  • Basic electrical knowledge
  • Use of hand tools and hand held power tools
  • Proficient in windows command line
  • Proficient use of Linux base operating systems including command line
  • Program for and use ModBus, RS-232, RS-485 protocols
  • Program multi-threaded software
  • Program using SoC, and DRY techniques
  • Basic networking/communication knowledge
  • Design, procure, build and maintain control panels
  • PLC and control schemes
  • Building and modifying electronic devices and boards
Location = Omaha, NE